From bug-squishing to cheerleading, navigating the hilarious challenges of building a business all alone
$10 million in revenue per year with zero employees
From a small side project to a massive online marketplace - lessons every solopreneur needs to learn

February 2023

Why Going Solo Can Be Your Best Bet

November 2022

Want to build a product without writing a single line of code? This is for you
Access IMAP and SMTP email accounts via REST interface, $2k MRR. Interview with the founder inside.
Are you a solopreneur? A solo founder? A one man show? Or maybe a dreamer? This post might be for you

October 2022

Social proof embeddable website widget, $150 MRR. Interview with the founder inside.
Custom Notion websites, $5k MRR after almost 2 years. Interview with the founder inside.
Stop worrying and move forward with building your business
How to get people to give you honest, and sometimes harsh, feedback
Introduce yourself 😃Hey everyone! Been thinking about doing this for a while. I’ve had some great individual exchanges with subscribers but I’d love to know more ab…